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Food Import Export organizations dot the food universe. The trick is to ensure that as a food import export company, quality stays the first priority. With regulations differing from country to country, Import & Export of food is among the toughest businesses to be involved in. 

Stringent quality control measures welcome you at every checkpoint. Even the minutest mistake can cause losses amounting to millions. 

Panicle worldwide leading import export company

 This is where Panicle Worldwide and its world-class food production standards make the difference.

Among the best, Panicle Worldwide is one of India’s leading Food Import Export organizations. We are primarily involved in the import of Rice and Peanut Butter. We also import other food items as per requirement of our clients. With the use of cutting edge technology, we strive to ensure that our exports are of top quality and also that imports match our customer requirements. We strive to your one stop food import export solution.

Among the rice exports, Basmati Rice leads the segment of exports that we do. As one of the leading food import companies, we are also among the largest exporters of Basmati Rice from India to the rest of the world. The Rice that we export goes through stringent quality control measures in order to ensure top quality. Our expert team is always on the lookout to ensure that our exports match and exceed international export standards. Our Import Export organizational principles are based on trust and quality. Trust from our clients that we offer the best quality.  

As mentioned earlier, primarily we offer Rice and Peanut Butter as part of our offerings of export food products. 

Rice Exports

Rice has always been the most consumed food item in the world and seems to be expanding faster than other grains. With a gluten-free quality, Rice always has been in demand. In keeping up with the international demand, we have also pushed ourselves to raise the bar as far as quality of export oriented rice is concerned. With an array of over 3000 types of variants to choose from, both Basmati and Non-Basmati varieties, we ensure that only high quality paddy is procured from farmers, which is processed at our world class facility, to obtain a premium quality product. Basmati Rice has many takers across the world. Being amongst the leading import export companies in India, our products always find favor with international clients due to the quality we maintain as well as the hygiene that is practiced at our processing centers.

Basmati Rice is broadly categorized into 1121 BBasmati, Pusa Basmati and Traditional Basmati.

Among the most sought after varieties of Basmati Rice that we export are Get Platinum Basmati Rice and Get Chef Delight. Panicle Worldwide also offers a huge number of non-Basmati rice varieties, including Sona Masoori, Sharbati Rice and many such popular varieties.

Peanut Butter (Private Labelling & Export)

Peanut Butter is another food product that we are actively involved in exporting. Peanut is a super food and peanut butter is being touted as the healthy alternative to normal butter. With a substantial population across the world slowly shifting to Peanut butter and products, we have also found many takers for our Peanut butter. We procure the best peanuts from Saurashtra region, which is subjected to strict quality control. Only the best are further processed for Peanut butter. Apart from exporting our Peanut Butter, we also do private labeling services for peanut butter. We have, over these years, been manufacturing and exporting high quality Peanut Butter, under different brand names, as part of Private Labeling Partnership. We offer Peanut Butter in Natural, Cinnamon, Honey, Chocolate, Pineapple, Crunchy and Original flavors.

Our food import business comprises of food items that our customers may need to be imported based in their specific requirements. With exports to different countries having made us knowledgeable about the food regulations of those specific countries, imports from these countries have also become easy for us. Anything from anywhere is our motto. We have business alliances that can help us procure and import any type of food from any part of the world.

As far as food export is concerned, we are responsible for the entire process. Our clients do not have to bother about any part of the process. We also offer clients’ complete transparency as far as the entire process is concerned and also are adept at providing marketing strategies to promote products. Our expert team is always at hand to provide any assistance, if needed.

As one of the leading import export organisations in India, food business has opened up various avenues for us and for our clients. Trade shows, Food for travelers and Indian Food Delegation are among the many services that Panicle worldwide is involved in. Panicle Worldwide is also continually involved in identifying new ideas and concepts in the food import export industry. Our aim to innovate using Artificial intelligence, in such a way, so as to make business easier and more fruitful for all involved. As we grow older and better, we aim to be among the top Food Import Export organizations in the world. With our head office based in India, we have branches in Germany, Dubai and Thailand.

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