Peanut Butter Private Labelling

If you are driven by the highest benchmarks of quality to create a peanut butter brand, it is at Panicle Worldwide you can make it happen. When it comes to Peanut Butter Private Labelling, we make them with only the most fresh, finest and largest peanuts from across the most hygienic Indian farms. This has found huge favor with our customers across the globe. At Panicle Worldwide, we offer the same international quality peanut butter for anyone who truly understands the importance of quality and brand worth.

Export Quality Peanut Butter Private Label from Panicle Worldwide

Healthy & delicious at the same time, our peanut butter stands apart from its competitors purely on taste and composition, with peanuts and only peanuts being used up to the extent of 95%. One of the latest entrants to the Super Food club, peanut butter is high in proteins but low in calories. A treasure house of many essential vitamins and minerals, Peanut butter also contains many bioactive compounds and can be used as an accompaniment to various foods. It is available in regular, low sodium, low sugar and natural forms. 

Private Labelling of Peanut Butter

Panicle Worldwide has proven to be the most trusted partner for its customers across the world. We have quality control processes in private labelling at every step that ensures top quality for the final product.

Silky smooth, Creamy or Crunchy, our Flavours are to Die for

Much like our production & quality standards, our unique flavours are now setting delightful benchmarks in taste. Thanks to our R&D wing, our innovative peanut butter flavours that include Pineapple & Cinnamon have become instant favourites at family dining tables.

Our regular line-up include Creamy Natural, Creamy Chocolate, Creamy Original, Creamy Honey and Crunchy Original flavours, while we work towards adding more unique and delightful flavours in peanut butter, just for you.

Presently in the Middle East with a rapidly growing Global Footprint

Panicle Worldwide’s peanut butter has an enviable presence in the Middle East with its peanut butter enjoyed and relished through some of the most popular retail brands in the region.

Fuelled by the reception to its unwavering quality, consistency, nutritious content and above all, its melt-in-mouth taste, it is now rapidly growing to more locations worldwide.

Let's Make Your Peanut Butter Brand

With our decades of experience as India’s leading Peanut Butter Private Label Manufacturer, you are just a click away from launching your own peanut butter brand.

Why Choose Us for Peanut Butter Private Labelling

We select only the largest & the finest peanuts from non-GMO peanut farms for our peanut butter. Each lot goes through stringent quality checks on many parameters including aflatoxins. This highest-quality raw peanuts, once processed based on our unique recipe in our state-of-the-art facility, brings you a peanut butter standard that is now being welcomed across countries. And it doesn’t stop there. 

Peanut Butter private Labelling Quality Assurance

We thrive on delivering the best quality peanut butter to our clients. It's not just another facet of our driving philosophy, it's central to our ethos.

Accountability assurance Peanut Butter private label manufacturing

Our accountability for creating a brand that is exact to your specifications starts with its quality, right through to its timely shipment as per the engagement.

Round the clock assistance peanut butter private labelling

Panicle Worldwide assists in all the critical aspects of building your dream peanut butter product, from labelling to packaging and everything in between.

Transparency Private Label Manufacturing

With us, transparency is a part of our ethos. Our processes and systems help you stay on top of the status of the project and consignments.

Replacement guarantee
100% Replacement

Our assurance on your product's quality is over-reaching. If defects such as aflatoxins are detected, we will replace the entire lot at no cost.

Accebility all times

We are always accessible through our dedicated communication channels. You are assured of all the support you need to take your product places.

Let’s Make your Peanut Butter Brand

With our decades of experience as India’s leading Peanut Butter Private Label Manufacturer, you are just a click away from launching your own peanut butter brand.

Peanut Butter Private Label Process

Follow these steps to start your brand. 

  1. Choose which flavors you want and how many of each
  2. Send us your design/artwork
  3. If you don’t have a design, our designing team will help you out
  4. Place an order

It’s that easy! We have a seamless process for Private Labelling of Peanut Butter, which makes it very easy for our customers to place orders and receive the final marketable product.

Private Labelling of Peanut Butter : How it Works

The 5 Easy Steps to your own Peanut Butter label

Let’s Make your Peanut Butter Brand

With our decades of experience as India’s leading Peanut Butter Private Label Manufacturer, you are just a click away from launching your own peanut butter brand.
Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials include Clear plastic jar, PET1, HDPE, PP and Glass.  It’s worth noting that each type of the containers we use have appropriate food-safety certificates and is approved for contact with food. We recommend choosing containers with additional protection such as seals or detachable foil. Aluminum seals and other sealing inserts are also available. Lids available in colors: red, navy blue, baby blue and yellow.

The Best Production Facility

At Panicle Worldwide, you get the best of everything under one roof, literally. The best in R&D, production, packaging and marketing and taking the final mile to the end-user, we have got you covered. Our state-of-the-art production facility ensures you get your dream product in the best quality, everytime.

Panicle Worldwide Factory eanut Butter Private Labelling Facility

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