About Us

Panicle Worldwide, as one of the leading food import export companies in India, creates new opportunities in the food and travel industry, with technology as our chief enabler. This helps to tailor business experiences like listing a product in Airports and Metro stations, providing business opportunity with travel or exporting FMCG products to any part of the world.

Panicle Worldwide connects our partners, clients and suppliers with enormous opportunities, catered to their particular needs. This change spans to every food and business sector – increasing supply and demand and introducing world-class food products, while driving higher customer expectations and an unrivalled level of choices.

Our Vision

Healthy lives

Nothing beats good healthy food when it comes to sustaining life on this planet. A healthy universe is a place where everything dwells in balance and harmony, denoting holistic health. We aim at contributing to this through every morsel of food we create.
healthy lives

Provide wholesome, tasty food through innovative, sustainable practices.

Through sustainable practices and innovation, we will provide the end user with products that will be cherished and enjoyed while ensuring everyone included in the process gains on health, economical & social indices.

Core Values


We strive to provide food with balanced nutritional content while maintaining an equilibrium through every facet of food production. We do this by practicing ethical and inclusive practices, thereby creating an ecosystem that successfully provides for everyone who is involved in the process.


We practice sustainability to ensure that Mother Nature, the origin of all lives, is least affected by any process that we follow. Sustaining healthy lives is part of our principles and responsibilities towards fellow citizens and our planet in particular. Healthy lives can only thrive in a healthy planet.


Respect for Nature, respect for our partners, respect for our customers and ultimately respect for the food that we create. This is what we aim as an organization. To create a platform of mutual respect and recognition that allows everyone to thrive in a healthy environment.

Panicle Worldwide is one of India's leading Food Import & Export companies

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