Becoming the largest Exporter of Rice from India

Food export import business is a business with high competition. It involves many risks. Organizations export and import many different food items. Among them, Rice exports are the most busy markets in the world. When the business is tough, it is important to ensure top quality. Panicle Worldwide is among India’s largest exporters of Rice.  

Panicle worldwide leading import export company

Our main business lies in Indian Basmati Rice exports. In fact we are among India’s largest Basmati Rice exporters. Panicle worldwide also exports different varieties of non-Basmati Rice. We have a team of committed and qualified individuals. They have many years of experience. Their aim is always to give customers the best products and experience.

We use advanced technology, and this ensures that the Rice we export is of international standards. Panicle Worldwide aims to provide food through ecofriendly practices. Moreover, we follow sustainable processes and procedures.

The Largest Exporter of Rice in India

Rice feeds more human beings on this planet than any other crop. India, China and neighboring Asian countries produce most of the rice in the world. Indian Basmati Rice is among the most popular rice varieties in the world. This is due to the shape, aroma and texture. India also produces a large number of non basmati rice varieties.

We buy high quality paddy from farmers. This is then processed at our world class facility. Hence we supply high quality rice to the international markets. Our teams inspect the farms to ensure that they follow hygienic practices and are eco friendly. We also have the highest hygiene standards at our processing centers. Our international clients are always satisfied and happy due to the high quality we maintain. Panicle Worldwide has always adopted a proper scientific method of storage and packing. This ensures that our Rice exports are always fresh and do not have any quality issues.

Our Quality Control Measures

We follow very high standards of hygiene and strict Quality control measures. Thus our products are of top international quality. Hence, our consumers enjoy the perfect freshness that our products have. They also appreciate our policy of bringing sustainable food products from the farm to the plate. Transparent procedures, sustainable practices and a code of conduct are our business’ highlights. Further, our exporting procedures are very transparent. They are appreciated by our global customers.

The Best among Indian Basmati Rice Exporters

We are among India’s largest Rice exporters. This position makes us responsible to ensure that we market India’s premium rice in the best way. Panicle Worldwide, with its offices in strategic international locations, ensures that the demand for the best quality Indian Basmati Rice is always met for its international clientele. In fact, we are always promoting Indian rice varieties. Panicle Worldwide produces, markets, packs, and delivers Indian Basmati as well as the non-Basmati varieties as per international standards. We use technology in the most sustainable way to ensure premium products.

Our Basmati Rice exports are broadly categorized into 1121 Basmati, Pusa Basmati and Traditional Basmati. Our most popular brands include Get Platinum Basmati Rice and Get Chef Delight. Among the most exported non-Basmati varieties, Sona Masoori, Sharbati Rice and a few other popular varieties find favour in international markets. Basmati rice varieties are differentiated based on the elongation that the grain undergoes on cooking. Get Platinum Basmati Rice elongates up to 2.5 times on cooking while in Get Chef Delight, elongation is up to 2 times on cooking.In fact

Our Rice Varieties

Among the non-Basmati varieties that Panicle worldwide exports, Sona Masoori, Sharbati Rice, IR-64 and PR-106 Parboiled Rice are among the most sought after across international markets. There are other varieties as well, which are both economical as well as of good quality that Panicle Worldwide exports to different parts of the world. We are also involved in importing specific food items from other parts of the world, to our customers, based on need. With our contacts that stretch across the universe, we are successful in procuring the best quality food items for our customers.

Apart from Rice exports and food imports, we also provide Private labelling services. We have been in the Rice Private Labeling business from the last decade. We offer private labelling services for both Basmati and Non Basmati rice varieties. In fact, our Private labelling services offer all types of services. After the customer finalizes a product, there are very few steps that he needs to do. We have an easy Private labelling process. This helps the customer to concentrate on marketing the product. We take care of its production and all other logistics.

Our Portfolio

As part of our ever expanding portfolio, Panicle Worldwide also offers the following services:

  1. Specialized Food products under Private Labelling Partnership Services
  2. FFT (Food for Travellers) Services
  3. Trade Shows Services
  4. IFD (Indian Food Delegation)

Panicle Worldwide aims to be among the best food and services export import organizations across the world. To achieve this, apart from investing in quality infrastructure and sustainable practices, we also are exploring eco-friendly practices that can make the world a better place to live in.

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