Peanuts: The most Economical and Nutritional among the Nuts

Are you ready to go nuts? Nuts are highly nutritional. There are a wide variety of nuts available in the world, each with different sets of specifications and tastes. Hazelnut, Almonds, Cashew, Pistachios, Chestnut and many more are very delicious and healthy to eat. Most of the nuts are slightly expensive and marketed as dry fruits. However, Peanuts is an exception.

History of Peanut Cultivation

Peanuts are a valuable, high-protein, legume crop is widely grown throughout tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. It is native to the western hemisphere. Peanuts probably originated in South America and spread throughout the New World as Spanish explorers discovered its versatility. When the Spaniards returned to Europe, it went with them. Later traders were responsible for spreading peanuts to Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world.

Till the late 1700’s and 1800’s peanuts were not grown extensively. The lack of interest in farming is attributed to the fact that it was regarded as food for the poor and because at that time growing and harvesting techniques were slow and difficult. Around 1900, equipment was invented for planting, cultivating, harvesting, and picking peanuts from the plants, and for shelling and cleaning the kernels. With these mechanical aids, rapidly came the demand for oil, roasted and salted nuts, peanut butter, and candy.

India’s Contribution

India is the second-largest producer of peanuts in the world. Gujarat is the top region in terms of production. There are several Indian varieties, including Java, Bold, TJ, Java Long, G20, K6, Mathadi, J24, and Western 44. For direct consumption, we use the Java variety. However, peanut butter factories choose Bold and Tj depending on the process involved. These nuts are an excellent plant-based protein source. They are also high in various vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds.

It can be useful as a part of a weight loss diet and may reduce your risk of both heart disease and gallstones. Panicle Worldwide deals in the production, export, and Private Labelling of Peanut products including the most popular Peanut Butter. Panicle Worldwide cultivates peanuts in the Saurashtra region. We practice sustainable and ethical cultivation methods.