Trade Shows & Corporate Travel

Panicle Worldwide Trade Shows are our company’s forte for which we work hard to ensure that they happen seamlessly. Our Trade shows aim to bring a gamut of products under one roof, thereby making it easier for the producer as well as consumer to interact and conduct business, locally as well as internationally.


Travel Services

Travelling for work isn’t always easy, especially when you have innumerable things to take care of, and the slightest delay or mishap, can throw things out of gear. Panicle Worldwide works hard to ensure that all your plans are put into action without any interruptions.

A business traveler is the most valuable asset of any company, and on his shoulders, the organization’s image and future rests. We make sure you arrive at your destination relaxed and well prepared so that you’re better equipped to make a good impression and focus on the objective of your visit.

Panicle Worldwide make every aspect of business travel as smooth and stress-free as possible with the help of our experienced Travel Managers, cutting edge technology and user-oriented software applications.

Our travel preparation lets your mind focus on the here and now, to make sure you stay on track in that all-important meeting.

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