Private Labelling for Peanut Butter

Private Labeling has been a business strategy of many businesses across the world for some time now. However, of late, with different organizations having gained expertise across certain niche segments, Private Labeling has gained more acceptance.

Private Labelling Peanut Butter Panicle Worldwide

Opting for Private Labeling has many advantages.

  1. No need to invest on any manufacturing plant or premises.
  2. As a business, you can concentrate on ensuring that your marketing strategy is spot on, without having to waste time and energy on the basics of production of the product.
  3. With an expert team to take care of the production, it is ensured that the product shall be of supreme quality.

At Panicle Worldwide, we have set quality standards that we aim to follow at any cost. We manufacture & export Private Label Peanut Butter to almost 25 countries, with Europe and USA being our biggest markets. Our Asian market is also very expansive as we cover a large portion of the continent.

Why Peanut butter, you may ask. Peanut Butter has often been branded as a Super food. It’s not surprising, given the multiple benefits that it has. We have been handling Peanut Butter for more than a decade, with our Private labeling services. However, now we have decided to launch in our country, the same Peanut butter we have been exporting and also offering as Private labeling product. We at Panicle Worldwide have strived to get you GET Peanut butter, our brand of Peanut Butter. It is the same quality Peanut Butter that we have been exporting and providing to different organizations under different brand names under our  Private Labeling services. It is export quality and offers you a great culinary experience.

Listed below are some of the benefits of Peanut Butter
  1. Protein Packed : Peanut Butter is a treasure house of proteins and our production process ensures that the nutritional value is kept intact by using healthy ingredients.
  2. Peanut Butter is a great source of Copper, a mineral that is critical for bone health. Immune functions and blood vessels. Also helps to reduce risk of Osteoporosis and Heart diseases.
  3. It contains ‘Good Fats’ and hence helps in managing cholesterol levels within healthy limits.
  4. The main fat in Peanut Butter is Oleic Acid, a component that helps to maintain good cholesterol, blood sugar as well as blood pressure.
  5. Omega 6 in Peanut Butter helps to lower bad cholesterol (LDL).
  6. Peanut Butter contains Arginine, an amino acid that is beneficial for the heart.
  7. A great source of anti oxidants like Manganese, Vitamin E and B Vitamins, it also helps reduce risk of Cancer.
  8. Great to help in maintaining weight and reduce obesity risks.
Quality Benchmarks of our Private Label Process

Our Peanut Butter is made with only the most fresh, finest and largest peanuts, from across the most hygienic farms across India, especially the Saurashtra region. Our quality control processes ensure that there are no shortcomings as far as quality is concerned. An expert team is always on hand to ensure that the process of procurement of quality Peanuts as well as the entire process of converting the fresh peanuts into Peanut butter is seamless and blemish free.

Our Private Labelling Process

If you are desirous of starting your own brand of Peanut Butter and would like us to offer Private Labeling services, follow some simple processes as listed below.

  1. Choose which flavors you want and how many of each
  2. Send us your design/ artwork
  3. If you don’t have a design, our designing team will help you out
  4. Place an order

It’s that easy! We have a seamless Private Labeling Process, which makes it very easy for our customers to place orders and receive the final marketable product.

How Private Labelling Works

The 6 steps that we follow are:

  1. Application: Upon receipt of Private Labeling request from client, team furnishes specifications of minimum order quantity, products, packaging & timelines to client. Client confirms as per their requirements.
  2. Sample Approval: Once confirmed, samples are manufactured in our factory as per specifications provided by client and the same samples dispatched to clients for approval.
  3. Artwork: Once samples are approved by the client, Artwork process is initiated. In case client has the artwork ready, they are requested to send it across to us or else, we are also capable of creating artwork for the client with our in-house designing team.
  4. Production: Once the artwork is approved by the client, our production team starts the manufacturing process. The production of clients’ peanut butter is monitored by our Quality Control Team so as to ensure that the end product meets the clients’ requirements.
  5. Logistics: Once the production of the clients order is completed, our logistics team dispatches the product according to the terms approved between Panicle Worldwide and client. Once successfully delivered, clients’ peanut butter is ready to hit the markets.
  6. Traceability: Our management and quality systems guarantee perfect traceability of the final product, from the receipt of raw materials and packaging products at our premises, until delivery to our customers.
Unique & Varied Peanut Butter Flavours

We have different flavors as far as our Peanut butter is concerned. Natural, Honey, Chocolate, Pineapple, Crunchy, Creamy and Cinnamon are among the flavors that we produce and market. As far as sizes of the packaging, we offer retail packs of 170 gms, 200 gms, 227 gms, 340 gms, 350gms, 450gms, 500gms, 510gms & 1kg as well as Industrial Sizes of 20 kg, 100kg & 230 kg.

If you are dreaming of becoming a Peanut Butter selling organization, all you need is a dream. We shall take of the rest. Apart from Peanut butter, we also offer export and Private Labeling services for Rice. This includes both Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice varieties.

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